Our accommodation service was opened in 2001, an end terrace property adapted to provide hostel type accommodation with basic sleeping, washing and cooking facilities for up to five people and staff accommodation.

Keeping People Safe


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all of us to make huge changes to our daily lives, particularly the need to stay at home and limit contact with others.

COVID-19 is even more frightening for those who have no home, are inappropriately housed or like those living in our supported accommodation, must share their home with others.


Many have compromised immune systems due to underlying conditions related, or contributing to, their homelessness. The virus adds another layer of vulnerability to those already vulnerable.

We continue to deliver our service and to do all we can to keep everyone well, safe and supported.

We have introduced measures to limit access to communal areas and help keep to social distancing guidelines. Not easy in shared accommodation where the only space that is your own is a bedroom, and the kitchen and living room are shared. Anti-bac hand wash has been given to everyone.

Systematic cleaning of all surfaces, door handles, light switches, hand rails, laundry, etc. is being done.


Access to the house is restricted to residents and support staff only. We can no longer offer a drop-in service but telephone or e-mail support is still available (see contact us for further information).


Under normal circumstances our service delivery restricts weekday access to the accommodation, with residents away from the service and participating in community based activities four days a week. Employment, volunteer placements, adult learning or community based social activities.  

On these days the service would not be staffed.  This community involvement is no longer possible.


Now more than ever people need the help of our support staff. We are doing all we can to ensure we are there for them, to listen, to help and to reassure. Keeping People Safe.

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