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Homelessness is not just an urban issue.

Let's Tackle Rural Homelessness

We've been providing Homelessness Services Since 1999.

 Since 2001 when our first accommodation service opened in Hexham we have supported over 1000 homeless and vulnerable adults.

Our Mission

We are here to support vulnerable adults, both those who are homeless and those who may be threatened with homelessness.  We recognise that to have a home is not just about having a roof over one’s head but is a place to feel safe and secure with a sense of stability and ‘belonging’.

By providing a high standard of accommodation and individual support to each person, we help to begin the process of building that self-esteem and providing a feeling of security from the moment an individual enters our service. We are here to help people help themselves.

 You can help us to make a real and positive difference to a homeless individual


To find out more about what we have done, what we are doing and what we hope to be doing, check our updates page.

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Made possible by...

Northumbria Police & Crime Commissioner

Also with thanks to: 

Trinity Methodist Church, West End Methodist, St Mary's,St Andrew's, Corbridge, 
Henry Bell Trust, and a number of individual donors

Annual Report

Read our annual report with the charity commission

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