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Along with the whole country we have been adapting to the challenges of tackling the coronavirus pandemic. Our accommodation remains open and our support staff continue to be there for those who need them.

Communal living is challenging at the best of times but when measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are added to the mix it really is a challenge! For the people living in our homelessness service in Hexham, and the staff supporting them, sticking to the rules on social distancing is quite an achievement. With people in the service 23 hours a day social activities are more important than ever. Preparing and cooking a meal is a popular communal activity, managing this when only two people can be in the kitchen at any one time is tricky, but it’s being done. Wholesome meals continue to be made, even if people can no longer sit round the table to enjoy them together.

Aldi and Tesco have continued to donate food to the service and most recently Waitrose donated very welcome fresh fruit and vegetables.

The staff team really are doing a fantastic job, and all those living in the service are doing brilliantly in coping with the ‘lockdown’. There’s a real feeling of everyone pulling together to stay at home and save lives.

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