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Plans to revive flats for homeless in Hexham

Plans are in the pipeline to reopen a former base for homeless people.

Housing provider Karbon Homes has submitted a planning application to alter the Links House, on Haugh Lane in Hexham, with the aim of providing accommodation and services for homeless charity StopGap.

The building was the base for Links, a nine-bed accommodation block run by children's charity Barnado's, which provided shelter for young people aged between 16 and 25.

The building has remained empty since the facility closed in 2016 and, as a result, has been branded an eyesore due to the boarded up windows.

However, Karbon want to breathe new life into the building for the benefit of homeless people.

A spokesman for the housing provider said the application was inspired by meeting the need for more accommodation for the StopGap charity.

He said "We have applied for planning permission in the hope of bringing the building back into use for its original purpose.

"If approved, the remedial works will enable us to work with our partner StopGap to deliver care services to the homeless".

As set out in the planning application, the aim would be to convert the existing ground floor flat into office and training space and upgrade the remaining three flats.

Despite losing one flat, additional bedrooms would be added to each of the others.

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