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Keeping Safe. Keeping Well

Whilst many people across the country have taken advantage of the recent easing of lockdown restrictions, we made the decision to take a more cautious approach to the lifting of the stay at home message. In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those living in our accommodation and our support staff we are still limiting the time people can be away from the service. With some restrictions still in place, the help available from support staff and the opportunity to participate in meaningful and enjoyable activities is more important than ever.

A period of homelessness can have a huge impact on a person’s mental health, undermine an individual’s sense of self-worth and create a feeling that they are no longer part of society and that no one cares what happens to them.

The promotion of health and wellbeing underpins the work we do. To help begin the rebuilding of self-worth and to ensure that each person that enters our service knows that someone very much cares what happens to them.

With the help of a grant from Screwfix we have been able to provide all the materials needed to to refurbish the rear steps and decking area of our accommodation service here in Hexham and to repair and repaint an external gate.

One resident in particular was keen to get started and we send a well deserved thank you to John, whose skill, dedication and seemingly boundless energy has resulted in an excellent job.

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